Save the date Sunday June 25th 2023

Join us for Raspberry Jam Berlin, an exciting gathering of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and makers! Whether you’re a seasoned Raspberry Pi expert or just starting out, this event is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of this versatile single-board computer.

Discover the latest projects and innovations, as local makers showcase their creations using the Raspberry Pi. From robotics and home automation to gaming and media centers, be prepared to be amazed by the ingenuity and creativity of our community.

Where and When: 

Sunday, June 25 · 12 Р5pm CEST
MotionLab.Berlin: Bouch√©strasse 12, Halle 20 12435 Berlin


Free – Eventbrite

Highlights of Raspberry Jam Berlin include:

  • Jam is back: Hello again from Raspberry Jam Berlin – Looking toward future events
  • Pi what Pi?: Quick reintroduction to the Raspberry Pi echo system and whats the current status of supply
  • Show and tell: Explore a variety of fascinating projects and demos on display. Interact with the creators, exchange ideas, and discover new possibilities for your own Raspberry Pi projects.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, makers, and professionals. Expand your network, collaborate on projects, and forge new friendships within the vibrant Raspberry Pi community.

Admission to Raspberry Jam Berlin is free, and all ages and experience levels are welcome. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn, and let’s celebrate the limitless potential of the Raspberry Pi together!