Hot News: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Today, 29th of February the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that there will be a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B on the market.


This update to the Raspberry Pi family is different than previous updates. Before it was more about doubling the speed and the amount of memory. This update has considering connectivity!


Wifi and Bluetooth 4.1 is now on-board. This has been a long requested feature for the Raspberry Pi and now its finally here.

But that’s not the only improvement. Now the Raspberry Pi3 has the Quadcore 64-bit ARM cortex A53 processor (NOT a ARM7 as some media outlets have been reporting… Although I concede the numbering of the ARM’s are confusing). This A53 clocks in at 1.2GHz. Don’t miss that I also said it’s 64-bit! We are looking at about 50% faster Raspberry Pi3 from the Pi2. Considering web browsing that is nothing to sniff at.

The full specs:

Quadcore 64-bit ARM cortex A53
802.11n Wireless LAN
Bluetooth 4.1
400MHz VideoCore IV multimedia

With out drowning on about the numbers I will just say it straight… Its the same size as Pi2 and B+. Hat’s still work! Just a little board layout has changed.

The status indicator LED’s have also moved to the other side of the DSI port. This does mean that the LED’s don’t match the holes on the official Raspberry Pi case but I tested this and found its not that big of a deal. You can still see the LED’s through the plastic casing.


Heat generated is also a concern but I have been running Jessie light and I have had to compile a few bits and bobs and it does not feel any different (other than faster!)

Finally the last change I noticed was that the MicroSD card slot is no longer the spring loaded one but just a simple push in might like the PiZero. Why change that?  Well likely because of a few failures in the spring. Very nice to see that the Raspberry Pi guys are listing to their community!



The real benefit is this WiFi and Bluetooth from the BCM43438 Chip.February-IMG_7226 Now we have 4 USB ports free and we still get WiFi and Bluetooth. I have heard that the wifi is marginally better the those EDIMAX nano USB gizmos but I have not had the chance to personally bench mark it yet. As for the Bluetooth I have not been able to play with that yet as support/drivers are not available until the 29th.

Finally the price… Still the same! What ever you paid for your Pi2 will be what you pay for the Pi3. I am still amazed that we are getting what we are getting in the Pi3 considering the cost of materials etc.

Alex Eames from Raspi.TV has an awesome video showing us the boot times and I have to admit I totally agree with his findings.

So that’s it folks the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Folk wanted wifi on-board and in this version we get 64bit 1.2GHz, Bluetooth 4.1 madness to boot.