Summary of 1st Coding Evening

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We did our first Coding Evening on Fablab. Location is really amazing and staff was really helpful. We also were lucky that another event was taking place at the same time: the Science Hacking Meetup. As we have some things in common with them, like using the Raspberry Pi for our developments, we’ll probably share space more times with them.

As we are still starting the meeting had no structure. We realized that some people who attended had no previous experience or knowledge with electronics at all. For that reason, on the next edition there we will be a simple introduction to electronics, for people who is completely new to this world. It will no be very deep, as nowadays only a very basic knowledge is needed in order to do something productive.

We also met Martin from that show us his project that shows data from a particulate sensor. We were hacking a bit on it, as you can see:

You can find the code in Github: As you can see we were also doing some very basic stuff with Arduino. Connecting an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi is another project for the future. We’ll see the reasons for that on following editions.

Be ready for next Coding Evening, it will be on 22th of April. And before that, we’ll have the Tech Jam on 1st April. Lots of interesting things are coming. See you there!