Spotlight: pi-topCEED

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Today the makers of the very successful pi-top (Raspberry Pi Laptop) have started a new crowdfunding campaign for something I personally find quite special.

The pi-topCEED!pic 2

This has to be one of the best looking Pi based Desktop systems I have seen. Not only do you have everything that made the pi-top awesome but you have the Raspberry Pi right there.. See! right there in front of you. Not open but accessible. This means you can open the little door and directly interface with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO!

So whats in the kit:

• An all-in-one $99 Raspberry Pi desktop (first of its kind).

• Plug and Play – no assembly required, includes a Raspberry Pi 2.

• 13.3 inch HD LCD screen.

• SD card pre-loaded with pi-topOS

• Power supply (selection of world wide outlet types)

• Multiple viewing / resting positions including wall mount functionality.

• Practical and functional design with forward facing access to the Raspberry Pi.

• Works with all Raspberry Pi models and most other single board computers.

• Designed for ages 6 to 65.

I don’t think if your 66 years old, this is no longer for you 😉

pi-topOS looks fantastic. It looks really well thought out and targeting kids and teachers.

“I’d love to see a pi-topCEED in every classroom.”
-Eben Upton,

If you want to subscribe to find out more about pi-topOS and their applications for learning I would recomend to go and fill in your email at the following page:


Tick tick tick that’s all my boxes done!

The price point $99 is also amazing! Current exchange its 92 euro ish! I think that is more than affordable!

This is certainly something I would hope to see at the Raspberry Jam Berlin and I wish the pi-top team the best of luck!