Raspberry Jam Berlin Returns

Hey guys,

Its been a while and we have not had a proper Raspberry Jam for ages!

Covid 19 lockdown, moving home and health have helped pull the Raspberry Jam into the black nothing of ‘no new events’.

Well thats about to change!

I am laying out a little roadmap to get the Jam back into order and we will be meeting again very soon.

Operation Jam Wagon!

To get back on the Jam Wagon I was to setup a few things

  • Tidy up social channels

I have worked on setting up the instagram, youtube, facebook and twitter pages. It’s focusing only on the Jam, Raspberry Pi or important makery things from now on.

  • Looking for a venue

At the moment we are discussing with Motion Lab in Berlin looking for an approiate date. Fingers crossed that it will work out.

  • Discord

I created a discord channel: https://discord.gg/pWkKQjSmhH feel free to join in. My hope is that we can talk and ask for help. If you want to help with the Jam this is a good place to discuss it!

  • Help Welcome

As always, I am looking for someone or a group of someone’s to help me organize the Jam. This of course can be done virtually now. I am looking for a partner that is as invested in the Jam as I am to help me organize, set up and workshops… Someone also who has their own ideas to bring to the Jam!

The idea is to maintain the spirit of the Jam and get Berlin using the Raspberry Pi.

Email raspberryjamberlin@gmail.com if you are interested!

Thats it.