New Coding Evening Event

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A new Coding Evening is coming in:

FabLab Berlin

We’ll start around Saturday 3rd of March at 13:00 and we’ll continue until the evening. It’s going to be a warm-up for the incoming Tech JAM that is gonna happen at the end of March. So, be ready with all your Pis and gadgets!

And now, in recent news, we have also a Telegram channel:

Coding Evenings

Biggest advantage of Telegram is that it can be programmed with bots, as it has its own API. We’ll see a demonstration on the event.


13:00 – Registration and introductions.

14:00 – Showcase of attendants projects.

15:00 – Extra presentations: (generic slides, QA, networking, etc…).
17:30 – Session end.

Ping us on the JAM twitter account or in the Telegram channel for questions!