November 5th Raspberry Jam Berlin will have our final Jam this year.


Raspberry Jam Berlin event is a user group of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking to learn or teach what they know. The Jam will give the attendees an opportunity to talk with other like minded people and maybe open doors to collaboration on projects, workshops or just share what they know with others.

cropped-Screen-Shot-2012-11-02-at-17.11.16 Raspberry Jam is a rapidly growing global network of user groups that meet every month to support hobbyists, developers, teachers, students, children and families – in fact, anybody that would like to put their Raspberry Pi to good use.


FabLab Berlin Prenzlauer Allee 242 10405 Berlin

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We would like to keep this Jams's schedule open so that we can just get on with experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. We will have loads of resources to look over and if you would like to contribute to the Raspberry Jam then please feel free to email:

Sense Hat - Hackathon

We will have a short introduction to the sense hat and emulator and discuss what we can do with it

Tweepy : James Mitchell

Raspberry Pi foundation released a new version of the PiZero and I would like to make a short demonstration on how to connect to the Pi with only one cable.


I want to take a moment to thank Pimoroni, Piborg, CPC, RS Components, ModMyPi, 4tronixHiFiBerry and iFixit for sponsoring some stickers, demo products