Introducing Zero360

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Today I have the great pleasure of introducing the Zero360 – The Raspberry Pi Panorama Camera!

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The idea is to be able to shoot a 360 degree panorama all in an instant.

This camera (well actually cameras) is a laser-cut MDF housing that holds 8 Raspberry Pi Zeros (v1.3) connected to 8 Raspberry Pi Cameras (v2.1).

I have all the Raspberry Pi Zeros connected via OTG to 2 Raspberry Pi3 Model B’s. That’s 4 Zeros per Pi 3. They are both connected via wifi to an access point (for now that’s my cell phone) and powered by the 2.5A official power supply.

Good Ship Pimoroni

I contacted my good friends, and sponsors of the Raspberry Jam Berlin, Pimoroni for help in designing and laser-cutting a prototype based on my specifications.


Honestly I was dumbfounded at what arrived a few weeks later!


Big thanks especially to Connor who did a phenomenal job on the design!

Whats coming next?

This is a big topic so I will split it down into parts:

But I wont just leave you without showing you some example shots! Unfortunately I only have 7 cameras and some of the stitching did not work (wait for part 1)




All images were stitched on a Mac using AutoStitch.