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Its been a long time coming but finally we have the Magpi on sale in Germany in German!

MagPi: Das offizielle deutsche Raspberry-Pi-Magazin gibt’s jetzt neu am Kiosk
In der neuen deutschen MagPi gibt es Informationen aus erster Hand, direkt von den Machern der Raspberry-Pi-Foundation. Natürlich sind die Redakteure der MagPi selbst passionierte Bastler und präsentieren im Heft ihre neuesten Projekte und Ideen.

Source : Chip

Eben Upton was also quoted from the Raspberry Pi blog saying:

Germany is our third largest market so it seems natural that, after only 18 months, Germany should be the first country to get a localised version of The MagPi. On a personal note, it’s particularly satisfying for me to see the MagPi launch in Germany, because as a child I used to import German Commodore Amiga magazines, which had so much more technical detail than their UK equivalents. The style of the MagPi is very reminiscent of these magazines: I hope that we’re in some sense “returning the favour,” and that German children of all ages (from 8-80) will be inspired to create exciting projects with Raspberry Pi and share them with the world

Source: Raspberry Pi Blog

Personally this is very exciting and I am hoping we can get to see more German born content in our own version of the Magpi soon!