Coding Evening – a new flavour of JAM

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My name is Manel Vilar and I would like to introduce you to this new event, which I help to organize. I work as a full-time software developer during the week, but I like also to do other things related to technology apart from my work. To meet other people with shared interests was what motivated me to start this event.

The goal of this recurrent event is to encourage people to develop their Pi and other electronic related projects working in groups. There’s not a predefined schedule for the event. The plan is to do relaxed things. All across the world there are many groups of people doing similar stuff, and some friends from , people who join every week for doing their electronic projects, and that inspired me to bootstrap the event.

We are lucky that we can use a place like Fablab that offers a lot of possibilities, like 3D printers, laser cutters, etc…, but as the event is still on its first stages, we have to start slowly. The first projects have to be really simple, and everybody is encouraged to participate on them. We’ll try to do more advanced stuff on next events.

This first event will be used also for defining the communication channels we want to use: mailing list, Google+.  We also encourage the attendants to bring the stuff needed for their projects. We’ll try to do the most with what we have.

See you this Saturday!