Buyers Guide: Raspberry Pi Zero In Germany

A lot of people here in Berlin ask me where to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero. Normally I just say the UK cause they have the most current stock. But I thought I would do a little research on what stores here in Germany would sell the pi zero! I will put these in sections…

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10 things not to do with your new PiZero!

Congratulations you got yourself a new Raspberry Pi Zero! Now here is 10 things you should not do with it. Especially Number 10! Cut your toasty roll… Use it as a Paperweight…   Pull a tea bag… Use it as a door stop… Use it as a tissue… Play table football…  Use it as a…

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Hello, been a while!

Hey guys,  I know its been a while since we met and since I last posted a blog. Things personally took a little downward turn but I want to try and pick things back up and get rolling with the new year. (I wont dwell on the in’s and out’s but I am ok now;-))…

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Introducing the Raspberry Pi Zero

It has been a very exciting morning today! After much teasing and speculation the Raspberry Pi foundation released a new Pi called Raspberry Pi Zero. This is an amazing 6.5cm x 3cm Raspberry Pi. Super Tiny! So lets get to spec: A Broadcom BCM2835 application processor 1GHz ARM11 core (40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1)…

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Spotlight: pi-topCEED

Today the makers of the very successful pi-top (Raspberry Pi Laptop) have started a new crowdfunding campaign for something I personally find quite special. The pi-topCEED! This has to be one of the best looking Pi based Desktop systems I have seen. Not only do you have everything that made the pi-top awesome but…

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Maker Fair Berlin 2015

Back on the 3rd-4th October, Berlin saw its first Maker Faire! As the organizer of the Raspberry Jam here in Berlin I got really excited to hear that finally Maker Faire was coming to town so, I jumped at the chance to represent Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Jam Berlin. The goal was to let people…

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New Site, New Blog, Raspberry Jam is Hot!

Hey guys just a quick little post to say: ‘Here is the new blog for Raspberry Jam Berlin! So you can now see what other news is going on, members thoughts (guest posts), tutorials and so much more!’ Well there.. I guess that’s that! 😉

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