2nd Coding Evening: Saturday 22th April

Mark this day in your calendar: 22th of April from 13:00 we’ll do the second edition of Raspberry JAM Coding Evenings. This time, we’ll do the session along the World Hacking Day that is celebrated across the world. You can browse some of the events here. As last time we had some attendants that they…

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Summary of 1st Coding Evening

We did our first Coding Evening on Fablab. Location is really amazing and staff was really helpful. We also were lucky that another event was taking place at the same time: the Science Hacking Meetup. As we have some things in common with them, like using the Raspberry Pi for our developments, we’ll probably share…

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Coding Evening – a new flavour of JAM

Hi, My name is Manel Vilar and I would like to introduce you to this new event, which I help to organize. I work as a full-time software developer during the week, but I like also to do other things related to technology apart from my work. To meet other people with shared interests was…

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How to record a timelapse with a Raspberry Pi… Finally

Outside my office here in Berlin there is a Christmas market. There they have a Ferris Wheel they build for December and then dismantle afterwards. So I thought it would be awesome to record a time-lapse of the wheel being constructed… That was 2 years ago! I hold my hand to my heart and say…

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Hot off the press!

Its been a long time coming but finally we have the Magpi on sale in Germany in German! @MagPiTeam @Raspberry_Pi lookie what I found in the wild!!!! Congratulations pic.twitter.com/pKvv41fQDJ — James @raspjamberlin (@monkeymademe) September 7, 2016 MagPi: Das offizielle deutsche Raspberry-Pi-Magazin gibt’s jetzt neu am Kiosk In der neuen deutschen MagPi gibt es Informationen aus…

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Zero360: Part 1 Building the Zero360

In Part 1 I will cover why I wanted to build the Zero360 and notes on making a panorama I love taking panoramas and I love taking Time-Lapse videos. So I got to thinking how I could merge the worlds together! For the past few years since the Raspberry Pi camera was released, I have…

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Introducing Zero360

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing the Zero360 – The Raspberry Pi Panorama Camera! The idea is to be able to shoot a 360 degree panorama all in an instant. This camera (well actually cameras) is a laser-cut MDF housing that holds 8 Raspberry Pi Zeros (v1.3) connected to 8 Raspberry Pi Cameras…

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Shooting the Moon with the Raspberry Pi!

Shooting the moon has been a little obsession of mine for a very long time, in fact ever since I started photography. I guess it is my love of impossible images, science fiction and science fact that drove me to want to take photographs of the moon. I tried a few things using the gear…

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Hot News: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Today, 29th of February the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that there will be a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B on the market. This update to the Raspberry Pi family is different than previous updates. Before it was more about doubling the speed and the amount of memory. This update has considering connectivity! Wifi and…

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