Buyers Guide: Raspberry Pi Zero In Germany

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A lot of people here in Berlin ask me where to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero. Normally I just say the UK cause they have the most current stock. But I thought I would do a little research on what stores here in Germany would sell the pi zero!

I will put these in sections so you can see what they offer exactly… The following are German Based Stores Only (there is a reason for that)

Not Listed: These sites are not even listing the zero, this does not mean they wont have them later.

Of course without a listing we can’t see the prices…

Not in Stock: These sites have listed the pi zero but don’t have them in stock! These all seem to include the HDMI and Micro USB OTG Adapters ONLY!

  • Richelt – They don’t list the price when not in stock
  • Rasppishop – 14,87 + 4,95 postage = 19,82 euro
  • Pollin – 14,95 + 4,95 postage = 19,90 euro
  • ELV – 14,95 + 5,95 postage =  20,90 euro

So who do you buy from when they have stock?…. DRUM ROLL!!!!!


Pimoroni!!! No… wait… that can’t be right?! They are in the UK… …. Let me explain!

The kit from Pimoroni is the same at the sites above have but they also are kind enough to send you the GPIO headers so if you solder them on you have them… NOTE the German sites might do this but they don’t state it in the list of items they send nor in their ad pictures!

  • Pimoroni – £9.20 (current exchange 11,66 euro) + 5 euro postage ==== 16,66 euro!!!

Ok ok…. Not the super saving but consider that none of the other sites listed cases.. For a little extra you would have one!

My advice… Buy from Pimoroni. You can get a notification when in stock. You can choose to order accessories like the new Phat boards which our German stores don’t have and you if you want to spend 20 euro on a pizero at the very least you have some more pocket change for the sweetie shop.

Dishonorable mention: There is always one bad apple?… raspberry?… ahem… They were the most expensive!

  • cj-elektronic – 19,99 + 4,50 postage =  24,49 euro (ONLY for the Pizero nothing else)

I am not linking to them but cj elektronic have some kits, (sd cards + case + adapters) but the prices nearly made me loose my tea to my monitor. DO NOT BUY!

If I have missed any stores or have the prices wrong (you never know times change) just post a comment and I will make the adjustments.