3rd Coding Evening Postmortem

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Last week we had our latest (but not last) edition of Coding Evenings. Again in FABLAB, and apart from the basic stuff we tried (connecting a Raspberry PI Zero to a laptop via OTG), we had the chance to see really interesting stuff like you can see here:

A clock that shows the time using letters. The price in a normal shop is usually quite expensive but his creator, “Achim”. You can contact him in the German Raspberry Pi forum as “jar”.

Here you can see the components from a back view:

The credit for the original comes from https://blogges.de/2014/02/diy-rgb-strip-wordclock/ but Achim did some modifications from the original recipe as he included a DCF77 receiver, auto brightness, IR receiver and added a remote control. Simply amazing.

We are gonna take a rest during summer. Now the most important stuff comes in June with the Maker’s Faire in Berlin, where the original JAM staff, commanded by James will show lots of interesting new stuff that they have been preparing during this last months. You will also find Martin there. He is bootstraping some beginner electronics workshops now, so feel free to ask him about them.

After summer break we’ll resume the CE events, through there can be a little surprise in summer for the Pi fans. Stay tuned as usual on the Raspberry JAM Berlin channels: this blog, Twitter, etc…

See you!