10 things not to do with your new PiZero!

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Congratulations you got yourself a new Raspberry Pi Zero! Now here is 10 things you should not do with it. Especially Number 10!

  1. Cut your toasty roll… 20160222_112803
  2. Use it as a Paperweight…  GM_20160222_121800
  3. Pull a tea bag…20160222_104957
  4. Use it as a door stop…GM_20160222_124908
  5. Use it as a tissue…20160222_114454
  6. Play table football… GM_20160222_124715
  7. Use it as a ruler… 20160222_115127
  8. Use it as a key ring…GM_20160222_122808
  9. Use it for target practice… 20160222_121420
  10. Put it in a drawer and forget about it! GM_20160222_122113